What is pedCAT?

The pedCAT system is a revolutionary new technology that allows us to take high-quality three dimensional images of the bones in a patient’s foot and ankle. This system uses a unique cone-shaped scanning beam to take detailed CT (computerized tomography) scans from multiple angles around your feet. These scans are them used to create standard two dimensional X-Ray views of the foot, as well as detailed three dimensional images of the foot.

What can I expect when my doctor uses the pedCAT to scan my feet?

One of the greatest benefits of using this technology is its convenience. You can either sit or stand during the scan, depending on whether your doctor needs to scan your feet at rest or when they are bearing the weight of your body. The scan itself is completely painless and takes less than one minute to complete. Once the scan is complete our computer systems will be able to create a detailed image of your foot to help us better understand your problem and come up with a treatment.

How does pedCAT help me?

By utilizing pedCAT, The Foot Institute can quickly perform detailed scans of your feet in-house, significantly cutting down on potential wait and travel times for you. The detailed three dimensional images provided by the system help us to more accurately diagnose the cause of your foot and ankle problems and develop the right treatment for you. Additionally, the system is internally shielded and completely safe, in fact, it uses less radiation than similar medical CT scanners!

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