Neuropathy Treatment with Electro-Stimulation VST

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The VST MyoDynamic® Device is a technologically advanced treatment modality, developed by a highly acclaimed NASA electrical engineer, for muscle stimulation. VST treatment is typically prescribed in addition to, or in conjunction with, most care plans. More importantly, patients benefit from the improved treatment outcomes.

Faster recovery means greater satisfaction with medical care. Prior to being treated with the VST MyoDynamic Device, many patients have undergone various other treatments with little success. VCARE takes pride in the fact that we are able to rehabilitate these patients and contribute to ultimate goal of all treatment programs rehabilitating the injured back to a productive, independent lifestyle.

The advanced digital technology used generates a unique and pure waveform that is extremely smooth and comfortable. This unique wave technology appears to overcome the natural inhibitory arc imposed by the body during injury or trauma. The deep penetrating wave makes recruitment of muscle tissue in the injured area possible without causing pain to the patient. The waveform’s penetration accounts for the significant increase of blood flow, derived from unlocking the capillary and lymph systems. Measurement of tissue perfusion indicates that the VST increases circulation by a rate of 8 to 10 times the normal baseline. This dramatic increase in local blood circulation not only causes tremendous movement of edematous fluids(which reduces swelling and pain), but also carries the nutrients used to rebuild the injured tissue or nerve fiber.

  • Pure Alternating Biphasic Zero-Net-Charge Sinusoid Waveform.
  • The VST generates one of the cleanest high-quality signals of any electrotherapy device on the market today, ensuring both patient comfort and safety. This waveform allows patients to experience a more thorough contraction and increased levels of circulation. It also means patients can undergo longer, more frequent treatments.
  • The VST uses a custom micro controller to produce its waveform and control the intensity, which reaches a maximum of 50 milliamps. The application of this advance digital technology produces a unique low distortion waveform that allows for recruitment of the injured muscle(s) without causing pain and tissue irritation to the patient.

Therapeutically, this customized waveform appears to overcome the natural inhibitory arc imposed by the body during injury or trauma. It allows deep penetration for significant increase in blood flow derived from unlocking the capillary and lymph systems, resulting in tremendous movement of edema fluid. The removal of edema fluid brings reduction in swelling and pain. The result is a treatment that is both effective and comfortable. The patient is able to continue treatment for a duration of 60 minutes, which is sufficient time for electrochemical and electrophysical changes to occur in the tissues.

  • The VST is a 4-channel device. Each channel is isolated, meaning they operate independently of each other. This allows for the treatment of multiple sites at one time or a more comprehensive treatment for one area.

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